A Single Challenge or an Annual Subscription?

Act quickly to take care of your team with a single Kaido challenge, or build wellbeing into your culture with an annual subscription.

50-249 employees

£99 / month
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250-499 employees

£199 / month
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500+ employees

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How Kaido's pricing works

One Challenge or Subscription?

Choose an annual package, including three Kaido Challenges and access to our Kaido Experiments to support employees; or a one-off challenge.

Pricing based on company size

Your price is based on your company size. We're committed to ensuring that whether you're tiny or huge, you get a great experience with Kaido.

Wellbeing Training

We recommend choosing some trusted employees to be Wellbeing Champions. We offer add-on training to help them maximise the impact of their role.

Impact Reports

We'll provide you with a comprehensive Impact Report after each Challenge, highlighting the impact on your team and business. View our sample report.

Marketing materials

We create posters and marketing material for you to share across your company. We can also provide you with high-quality printed materials for a small extra cost.

A real person if you need them

When you sign up to Kaido you'll be assigned an account manager who can answer any questions you have and help you make the most of Kaido.

Keep your team healthy, motivated and connected with Kaido.

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