Fair and transparent pricing

Only pay for the employees that actually sign up.


150 employees

Cost / Employee


Total Cost

£993 / Challenge

You only pay for employees that sign up and
we aim for 80% engagement within a business.

How Kaido's pricing works

Price per employee

We charge per employee, starting at £10 per person and becoming cheaper as more people sign up.

Try kaido before paying

Try a Challenge for free for 14 days. We'll generate an invoice after the first week. You can then easily pay by card or invoice.

Fair billing

Use the tool above to estimate your maximum price, but we'll only charge you for employees that actually sign up.

Prize packs

Everyone that takes part in Kaido is given a chance to win prizes. We offer premium prize packs to companies who want to guarantee their employees will win prizes.

Marketing materials

We create posters and marketing material for you to share across your company. We can also provide you with high-quality printed materials for a small extra cost.

A real person if you need them

When you sign up to Kaido you'll be assigned an account manager who can answer any questions you have and help you make the most of Kaido.

Keep your team healthy, motivated and connected with Kaido.

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