Kaido helps your team stay healthy, motivated and connected.

Kaido is a fun and inclusive team-based Wellbeing Challenge.
We'll help your team take care of their physical and mental health, get people talking, and boost morale and motivation.

Effective for any company

Whether you are office based or working from home, a five person startup or a multinational, a hospital or a tea-producer, we've helped a company like yours and can help you too.

Proven results

86% of employees notice an improvement in their health and 76% say they're more motivated at work.

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Designed for your ecosystem

With a responsive website, iOS and Android apps, and a Slack integration, we'll fit into your team's lives with ease.

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40 days of new ideas

Every day we'll introduce your team to new health and wellbeing ideas, covering physical and mental health, sleep and nutrition. Each idea comes with a fun task ranging from the daft (squatting while you brush your teeth) to the scientific (learning to breathe through stress).

Each day is fun and engaging while also being meaningful.

Team building that doesn’t suck

Your company will split into teams, going on a virtual journey fueled by the points they earn for trying new ideas each day.

By encouraging friendly competition to see which team can make the most positive changes to their health and wellbeing, we'll get everyone talking, laughing and connecting, whether you're in the office or working remote.

Long-term change to your culture

A Kaido Challenge only lasts 40 days, but it has a big long-term impact. At the end of the six weeks, we'll create an anonymised Impact Report, which provides insights into the health and wellbeing needs of your team and the changes they have made with Kaido.

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Our Results

We've collated the results from thousands of Kaido participants.

70% increased their physical activity

Kaido gets people moving, no matter their fitness level. We will introduce your team to new activities and ideas to get everyone moving.

85% noticed an improvement in their health

People consistently report noticeable improvements in their physical and mental health as well as in their sleep and eating habits.

53% felt more motivated

Kaido encourages people to take positive first steps, which foster self-belief and over time translate into increased motivation for all parts of life.

Why choose Kaido?

Choosing the right wellbeing provider is important. Here's why you can trust us.

Low effort for you

Kaido is a holistic and turnkey solution that is simple to use. No in-house wellbeing experience is needed.

An established, trusted product

Trusted by public services, charities, and companies of all sizes. Investors include the NHS, Creative England, and IBM.

Made for everyone

Kaido is inclusive and accessible for everyone irrespective of health. No health trackers or modern technology needed.

Varied and holistic

Every day is varied and focusses on a different topic, covering physical and mental health, nutrition and sleep.

Proven, transparent results

We publish our results so you can see the impact we have in different sectors.
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Fair pricing and free trial

Our pricing model is transparent and fair. Try Kaido for free with no credit card, and understand how it will work for you.

What our customers say

"Since starting the challenge we have already noticed such a difference in the team. It has reminded us how important it is to look after your physical and mental wellbeing - something we often forget."

General Manager - JC Social Media

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