Employee Wellbeing during COVID-19

We've created a specific wellbeing package designed to help you keep your team healthy, connected and motivated through this period.

Keep your team healthy and motivated through the Coronavirus crisis.

Things are tough for businesses right now. Kaido will help you boost morale, reduce anxiety, and keep your team culture strong.

Entirely free for companies of under 500 employees.

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Fun daily challenges

Take part in a team-based wellbeing challenge that's interesting, fun and effective. Help your employees with their physical health, mental health, nutrition and sleep.

Proven results

86% of employees notice an improvement in their health and 76% say they're more motivated at work.

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Designed for your ecosystem

We have apps for iOS and Android, a responsive website, and integrate into Slack.

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Show leadership in crisis

Your team need you. And you need them.

Kaido will help you guide your employees through this tough time. We'll help your team stay healthy and motivated, so that you can keep your business running together, and come out of this stronger than ever.

Protect your team's mental health

Studies suggest that during this crisis, 80% of people will suffer from anxiety, the majority will eat unhealthier food and exercise less. Give them a product that helps them take control of their wellbeing and stay healthy during this crisis.

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Have fun together

We'll help keep your team connected and help you build a stronger culture. Don't let your team feel isolated and lost. Give them something fun to do together each day.

The Kaido Promise

Expert guidance

We will help you guide your team through this crisis together.

An established, trusted product

Trusted by NHS Trusts, not-for-profits, and companies large and small.

Low effort

Quick and easy for you to manage. Kaido is designed to be simple to use.

Achievable for busy people

Employees only need to spend 10 minutes per day using Kaido to see a meaningful health improvement.

Proven, transparent results

We publish our results so you can see the impact we have in different sectors.
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100% free

Free for companies with fewer than 500 employees. No credit card. No ongoing commitment.

What our customers say

"Since starting the challenge we have already noticed such a difference in the team. It has reminded us how important it is to look after your physical and mental wellbeing - something we often forget."

General Manager - JC Social Media

What's in the Coronavirus Response Package?

Six elements designed to help you in this crisis.

Healthy at Home Wellbeing Challenge

A four week team-based wellbeing challenge that's fun and effective. Designed to help people stuck at home with their physical and mental health.

Kaido Wellness Experiments

After the challenge finishes, we'll give your team access to a month of personal wellness experiments. Each employee can choose two areas of health to target.

An impact report

We'll provide you with an anonymised impact report, which helps you understand the health of your workforce and how it has been impacted by Kaido.

Include teams' families

If your team have grown up children or older relatives that they'd like to use Kaido with, then for this package, we're extending the offer to them too.

Employee wellness website badge

Evidence that you're supporting your team with a Kaido badge for your website. Helpful in showing potential recruits that you take employee wellbeing seriously.

Exclusive pricing after the crisis

Should you wish to keep using Kaido beyond this package, we're giving special discounted rates to support businesses as they get back on their feet.

Kaido is free for all companies with fewer than 500 employees during the Coronavirus crisis.

Over 500 employees? Contact us.