Looking for Wellbeing Challenges?

The Kaido Platform.

Get all the tools you need to build culture from within.

Build and live your company culture.

With The Kaido Platform, you’re able to plan out your company activities for the year. Made up with a mix of Kaido Experiences and a big Kaido Challenge, you’ll keep your teams engaged and happy throughout.

Your yearly Kaido plan is a mix of:

1 week digital team bonding activities

Kaido Experiences.

Kaido Experiences are 1-week digital team-bonding experience that brings employees together to have fun, learn new things and explore.

Experiences get people energised, talking and sharing with one another, ultimately building a better company culture.

How does an Experience work?

Select an experience & invite ✉️

Pick an experience from our pool of fun and impactful activities to do together as a company. Experiences are accessible and designed for everyone to get involved.

Start the week with a collective goal 🎯

Complete activities together to build up to a collective goal. Each activity explores something meaningful for your team to engage with.

End the week, closer 😊

A week of meaningul and fun together brings your team closer. Celebrate together to close the week, and reflect on what you’ve accomplished.

4 week team-based wellbeing events

Kaido Challenges.

Kaido Challenges are 4-week digital team-building experiences that help employees improve their health while having fun together.

Challenges get people motivated, talking about shared activities, and improves the team spirit at your company. Over 89% say they notice the health benefit.

How does a Challenge work?

Select a challenge & launch 🚀

Choose an interactive journey and a selection of team based wellbeing activities. Get support to launch it across your company.

Healthy fun every day 😺

Each day we give your team a new ~15min task to complete, helping them look after their physical and mental health, while having fun together.

Friendly competition + prizes 🎁

As your colleagues complete daily activities, they earn Kaido Points moving their teams up (or down!) the Challenge leaderboard. They also earn prizes!

You’ll also get access to:


Empower a team of Culture Champions in your business, who understand the challenges of building togetherness at work, know how to identify barriers to meaningful connections, and actively tear them down


Access to our bank of whitepapers, case-studies, and interviews with experts, helping you and your Champions develop a deep understanding of the Future of Work, and how to turn your organisation into a cultural exemplar.

Culture-building tools

Access to our suite of tools that help employees develop meaningful, authentic and productive working relationships, and drive a positive and engaging culture from the bottom up.

Your Kaido plan also features:

Annual Plan

Kaido is designed around continuous improvement - Culture is something built over time, it’s not a quick-fix. We give you an annual plan, which ties together all the different parts of Kaido into one coherent Culture strategy, And although Culture takes time, with Kaido you’ll see improvements straight away as we start to break down the barriers that are holding your culture back.


Measuring culture is hard but essential. Our reports show you how your team is engaging with Kaido and how they’re feeling about your company culture. All in a clearly presented and easily digestible mannar.