Ready, Set, Mo!

🧠 Mental Health
👩🏾️ Inclusivity

Groups of 2-10
15-30 mins
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A moustache for everyone

In support of the Movember campaign, this Experience is a light-hearted starting point for conversations to take place around men’s mental health.

Colleagues will create an avatar for themselves with a moustache of their choice learning more about the history of different moustache types along the way. Playing around with different looks will spark conversation and give people an “in” if they want to talk about their own experiences relating to Movember themes.

So what is Kaido?

Great question! Kaido is the leading team culture platform for modern teams - whether they are remote, hybrid or in-person. We'll help you build happier, healthier, more connected teams that thrive together.

Our Experiences are designed to break down communication barriers in teams by building psychological safety and a sense of togetherness.