Kaido Team Tools

Get your teams working better, together.

Team Tools come as standard with every paid plan.

WorkLife™ Profiles

Empower your teams to share their preferences, routines and sensitivities so they can understand each other better, and discover how to thrive together.

Team DNA

Coming Q4 2022

Improve communication by helping teams plan for where differences in attitudes, values and behaviours could result in misunderstandings.

Team Timeline

Coming Q4 2022

Give your teams a place to capture the milestones, celebrations and meaningful moments that have made them the team they are today.

Tool: WorkLife™ Profiles

Thrive together through shared understanding

WorkLife™ Profiles have been carefully designed to enable hybrid and remote teams to perform better by understanding each's members background, values and work and communication preferences.

Easy, safe conversation starters

With Team Profiles, your colleagues can have confidence in which topic areas are safe to talk about in meetings and cold introductions will become a thing of the past!

Better understand each others' roles

By knowing each other’s professional history, current role, and future aspirations, your colleagues can be more confident in having conversations with the right people.

Make kindness and consideration the norm

By sharing work patterns and communication preferences your colleagues can plan how best to work collaboratively and support each other's needs. (edited)

Introducing Team Tools on Kaido.

Learn more about how Team Tools enable your teams to develop understanding of each other, capture shared memories and feel a sense of togetherness wherever they are.