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The employee wellbeing experience that keeps your team feeling connected, healthy and motivated.

Struggling with morale and motivation during Covid? Kaido's fun and inclusive wellbeing challenge is just the boost you need. Forty days of team-based fun activities that get people moving, talking and motivated. Perfect for remote teams.


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What is a Kaido Challenge?

Kaido Challenges are 40-day digital team-building experiences that help employees improve their health while having fun together. Kaido gets people motivated, starts conversations, and improves the team spirit at your company.

Every day your team will be given different activities to complete, each focussed on a new healthy habit that impacts a different element of their wellbeing. Through a mixture of collaboration and some friendly competition, your staff will get to know each other better, support each other, and make your workplace a more fun and positive place.

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How does Kaido help?

Kaido helps you boost motivation and improve the health of your team. At the end of your Challenge, we’ll send you an Impact Report that shows the changes people have seen while using Kaido.

  • Fun and lighthearted: A well needed boost at a difficult time.
  • Improve team morale: See a real improvement in motivation.
  • Help with anxiety and sleep: Target the two key problem areas.
  • Healthy habits: We focus on small changes that make a big difference to the physical and mental health of your team.
  • Scientifically-backed: Everything is scientifically-backed and refined based on feedback from thousands of users. Our content is trusted by the NHS for frontline and key-workers.

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How much does Kaido cost?

Kaido starts at £499 based on company size. There are no hidden costs and no on-going commitment.

You maintain total control over your internal comms, but we provide you with all the digital material and resources you need to make Kaido a success. Included in the price is access to our cross-company prize pack, giving your employees a chance to win real prizes for the achievements they make.

Kaido is quick and easy to get started with. You can launch within a week, and we offer full employee support included in the cost.

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Who does Kaido work for?

All sorts of companies have used Kaido, from ten-person startups to huge multinationals. We've worked for years with office and site based teams, but our product works equally well for remote teams or teams working from home during Covid. We're proud of our high engagement rate, proven results, and happy customers.

One of the stats that we're most proud of is that over 90% of companies that try a Challenge do a second.

Whatever your company loooks like, Kaido will get everyone talking, laughing and feeling connected.

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Why choose Kaido?

Your team's wellbeing is the lifeblood of your company. Here's why you can trust us.

Low effort for you

Kaido is a fun solution that is simple to use. No in-house wellbeing experience or support is needed.

An established, trusted product

Proven in public services, charities, and companies of all sizes. Trusted by the NHS for the wellbeing of their staff.

Made for everyone

Kaido is inclusive and accessible for everyone. No health trackers or modern technology needed.

Varied and holistic

Every day is varied and focusses on a different topic, covering physical and mental health, nutrition and sleep.

Proven, transparent results

We publish our results so you can see the impact we have in different sectors. See our results

A fixed price from only £499

We don't want cost to be a barrier to wellbeing, so we ensure our price is fair, affordable and transparent.

What our customers say

Having researched a number of Apps in the marketplace and Kaido was the one that ticked all the boxes - with sleep, nutrition and exercise. One of the things that really impressed me about Kaido was how easy it was to set up. It runs simply from an App, allows teams to join easily and complies with GDPR compliance. It made it very easy in what was a very busy time for us. Kaido brought a welcome morale and motivation boost. Highly recommended!

We saw an improvement in engagement, motivation, team work, communication and interaction. There was a lot more engagement than we thought there would be. For half of our team to be engaged with the challenge, with limited time leading up to it was pretty impressive. It shows it’s something employees want and want to engage with.

The challenge was a good team building activity and kept us all motivated as a team.

A well worthy exercise. It has been really good. Some simple yet effective ideas. Excellent app.

I've loved bringing the Kaido Challenge to the Twinings UK & Ireland Team, helping us to identify the one or two sustainable habits to be at our best at home and at work.

I have really enjoyed taking part in the Kaido Challenge and working as a team to complete it at the same time. I think all the extra stuff on mental health, wellbeing and nutrition etc.. is brilliant.

Since starting the challenge, we have already noticed such a difference in the team. It has reminded us how important it is to look after our physical and mental wellbeing.

I am so pleased to have completed the challenge and as the team lead, proud that despite not being a very active person, I have been able to lead by example in this challenge, help coach my team, encourage those lagging behind and get everyone motivated to take part.

I have really enjoyed doing the challenge. It is far more inclusive than the Virgin challenge we did previously which was more based on walking.

Real sense of achievement and commitment to myself and colleagues as we did this together. All round a great and positive experience.

I have loved every single minute of this, bringing a group of people together and sharing ideas, fantastic!

Keep your team healthy, connected and motivated with Kaido.

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