Dis Connected
Un Healthy
Un Happy Teams.

Build a happier, healthier, more connected team with Kaido - the Culture Platform.

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Build meaningful connection between teams

Culture is harder to build without togetherness. We believe the key to driving meaningful connection between teams is through inclusive shared experiences.

Support employee wellbeing

For human connection and relationships to thrive, we need to take employee wellbeing seriously.

Kaido Wellbeing Challenges are 4 week digital team building experiences that get your teams talking, moving and motivated.

Empower your people to build their ‘great place to work’

Building a great place to work is a shared responsibility. Kaido supports you to recruit and train a network of Culture Champions who are empowered to build an inclusive company culture for the future of work.

After 3 months of using Kaido...

talked to colleagues more regularly
noticed their health improved
felt more motivated at work
wanted to carry on using Kaido

Data taken from 20,000 respondants using Kaido since Jan 2021.

Build and live your company culture

The Kaido Platform.

With The Kaido Platform, you’re able to plan out your company activities for the year. Made up with a mix of Kaido Experiences and a big Kaido Challenge, you’ll keep your teams engaged and happy throughout.

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What people say after using Kaido

Hear what employees think after their first Wellbeing Challenge.

What our customers say...

Many people are missing the social aspects of being in the workplace and the general conversations which help us all make real human connections and develop work friendships. Engaging with some fun activities and the Kaido app has given us something different to talk about and it has been very positively received.
Bridget Charlton
Head of Communications, Clive Owen
Thank you Kaido! Your team helped us create those missing lobby magic moments; connecting with colleagues old and new, while helping us stay fit and energised, in a virtual environment. Really appreciate it
Alison Shipitofsky
Head of GMS Client Strategy - KPMG
Seeing our leadership team so engaged and enthusiastic said great things about tcc's culture. It was clear that colleagues had permission to prioritise wellbeing, health and happiness. We all got behind a common goal and loved the sense of friendly competition!
Daniela Brakewell
Internal Comms Manager, TCC Global
The fact that the challenges are built on best practice and used by the NHS made it easier to foster engagement and get our team on board. Employees trusted Kaido and were open to learning, trying new things and having fun. The challenge worked for everybody, whatever their fitness level, personality or passions.
Sue Willcock
Head of Engagement, WorkNest
Having Kaido helped colleagues improve team morale and change those bad habits into good ones. The set-up was easy and the Kaido team were brilliant, making sure we understood how it all worked. Once we had done the initial communications, I hardly had to do a thing to keep it going.
Dawn Lennie
Wellbeing Team - Department of Health and Social Care
Having researched a number of Apps in the marketplace and Kaido was the one that ticked all the boxes - with sleep, nutrition and exercise. One of the things that really impressed me about Kaido was how easy it was to set up. Kaido brought a welcome morale and motivation boost. Highly recommended!
Steve Sherburn
Head of Digital Products, Endress + Hauser