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Very motivational and definitely made a difference to my health and wellbeing.

I feel that the team has come together. I would like to keep reflecting and being more aware of how I affect others.

I've loved bringing the Kaido Challenge to the Twinings UK & Ireland Team, helping us to identify the one or two sustainable habits to be at our best at home and at work.

We saw an improvement in engagement, motivation, team work, communication and interaction. There was a lot more engagement than we thought there would be. For half of our team to be engaged with the challenge, with limited time leading up to it was pretty impressive. It shows it’s something employees want and want to engage with.

I have really enjoyed taking part in the Kaido Challenge and working as a team to complete it at the same time. I think all the extra stuff on mental health, wellbeing and nutrition etc is brilliant.

Since starting the challenge, we have already noticed such a difference in the team. It has reminded us how important it is to look after our physical and mental wellbeing, something which we often forget.

Having researched a number of Apps in the marketplace and Kaido was the one that ticked all the boxes, with sleep, nutrition and exercise. One of the things that really impressed me about Kaido was how easy it was to set up. It runs simply from an App, allows teams to join easily and complies with GDPR compliance. It made it very easy in what was a very busy time for us. Kaido brought a welcome morale and motivation boost. Highly recommended!

I’ve never been part of a company that has run something like Kaido and I found it really positive. It showed me my company is taking an interest in my wellbeing.

The Kaido Challenge is a great way to stay connected with everyone and I feel I have got to know people better with this challenge.

Kaido’s platform provided a good source of conversation about non-work related things and helped promote healthy conversation about our wellbeing.

I am so pleased to have completed the challenge and as the team lead even more proud that despite not being a very active person physically, I have been able to lead by example in this challenge, help coach my team, encourage those lagging behind and get everyone motivated to take part.

I have really enjoyed doing the challenge. It is far more inclusive than the Virgin challenge we did previously which was more based on walking.

Real sense of achievement and commitment to myself and colleagues as we did this together. All round a great and positive experience.

The challenge was a good team building activity and kept us all motivated as a team.

I have loved every single minute of this, bringing a group of people together and sharing ideas, fantastic!

A well worthy exercise. It has been really good. Some simple yet effective ideas. Excellent app.

I have found this very beneficial to my mental well being as it has helped to alleviate stress. This has improved my ability to deal with setbacks and made me more appreciative of my colleagues.

I feel a lot better knowing whilst all the craziness of life is happening, I am still making looking after my mental health. Thanks Kaido!

Kaido was really awesome and I would like to do it again! It has helped to change my lifestyle and fitness level

Really good to have had the challenge and enjoyable. We had a virtual drink and meal together on the last day which was great. I have enjoyed the exercise routine and kept going despite the weather!

I am also really proud of my team for winning this. The last time we came so close and this time we have done it! We have managed to do it together and I am so happy and grateful for that.

I am very happy! Completing this challenge provided me with extra motivation to take care of my wellbeing plus I learnt lots of new things.

I feel great! I am really happy I took part in this Challenge and it has been a great way to keep in touch with colleagues and push each other towards a more healthy lifestyle

I'm feeling really positive and I feel closer to my colleagues. I am happy to have started working out around my work again and I am confident I will be able to keep up this habit as I can see the benefits.

I feel great! The challenge built my motivation and kept me going all the way. I will definitely continue with the little exercises while waiting for the kettle to boil; the mindfulness meditation and the healthy eating advice.

Really enjoyed the whole thing, it has enhanced the team spirit.

It's been surprisingly good fun and certainly felt like it brought the team together! I'll keep recording how much exercise I do as it is easy to lose track.

It feels great completing the challenge, it has taught me and my colleagues to work more closely together.

Overall I have hit my goals, definitely been vaping less, and eating more healthily, I set myself the additional goal of not drinking for a period and definitely feel better for it.

It's been fun! I've drunk more water, thought more about food and kept up the daily exercise!

The challenge has helped me to gain a positive outlook/attitude on various aspects of my life and this is something that I want to retain.

I have already recommended many of the ideas in Kaido to my family and friends and I will be continuing with many of the routines already in place.,

The fun competition between colleagues was great. This challenge pushed me to do Couch25k and to take daily walks after work with my husband. We will continue!

It has been good to do this and see what a difference a month can make in your life. Each day it prompted me to complete the challenge for myself and my team.

I feel very good about completing the challenge. I have lost nearly a stone by eating properly and plenty of walking. I am definitely going to keep up the walks.

Even though I only joined half way through I've become a little addicted! Enjoyed the videos on the milestones, learned a lot and enjoy the videos about mindfulness & relaxation techniques

I have loved trying this experience, I would highly recommend it to someone that I know because there are so many benefits to this process which you can carry forward in the future.

It has been great to communicate with the team and keep up to date with each other. It's definitely helped to keep me motivated. I would like to still stay active by going out and about on my bike.

Some excellent ideas around wellbeing and I loved hearing about all the different places to visit

The challenge was great. It feels good to have had this booster.

The team work element is good especially in these lonely times at home during COVID

Quite sad it is over! It has made me really think about looking after me. I will be kinder to myself, take breaks, get varied exercise and stay in touch with my team.

I feel really good. It has dramatically improved my fitness and weight and I feel a lot better for it

Sad that it is over. I had fun with my colleagues. Dealing with stress in alternative ways is extremely useful.

It has been an amazing journey and has passed so fast. I will continue my daily exercise and healthy eating and hopefully turn into a healthy lifestyle.

I feel really good and relaxed. To go cycling, for a walk, eat more vegetables and less meat. I think it will benefit me and all the people around, because it's a vibe.

This has been a great experience for me to learn about myself, explore things that I have not tried before and review my lifestyle. I have learnt to take care of myself more, take things easy, continue to build a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I have enjoyed the challenge and I will miss the interaction with the team. I will make sure I keep up with the good habits I have formed.

I'm happy that I stayed with it to the end and that I completed my daily log religiously. I think it will benefit me in making me calmer and more resilient to stress.

I have loved all the challenges. I am going to continue with the daily exercise, eating more fruit & vegetables, and trying to be mindful regularly.

I've really enjoyed the holistic approach. It's made me more balanced rather than just doing steps.

Working through this with colleagues has been an added advantage. We were able to chat, give tips and have a laugh.

Thank you Kaido. I learnt a lot, small things but that go a long way.

Loved the structure. Loved the activities and goals. Enjoyed different foods. Loved the yoga. Doing all the quizzes and games was fun.

Overall I absolutely loved the challenge, especially liked the more targeted mini challenges, plus it really boosted team morale and has brought out my competitive side.

I feel quite sad it's ended. It has been a brilliant team building exercise. I will continue with exercise, mindfulness, and eating healthy.

I feel the challenge has pushed me to do things I would not normally do. I wanted to improve my sleep and using mindfulness has helped with this. I am glad to have taken part.

I enjoyed the challenge and it was good for the team to have a collective, positive focus. It gave us all a chance to talk about our feelings in an open and supportive way.

Have enjoyed interacting with colleagues and completing the challenges

I feel very confident coming out of this having completed everyday and doing much more than I thought I would. I feel a lot closer to my team.

Kaido has been a welcome distraction and doing the challenge has given me more thinking time. Being part of a team too and coaching one another has built good relations. Great challenge.

I definitely walk more and realise everything we do is a form of exercise. Taking the time to de-stress and relax is a huge boost to my mental state. All in all I feel different inside and I think it shows on the outside.

I am super happy to have completed this challenge, I had a great time overall. Thank you so much to Kaido and to my company for allowing us to do things like this.

I felt amazing when I completed the challenges. I would like to continue exercising every day! I have been talking about workouts a lot with my families and friends and hopefully get them to do the same routine as I do.

I feel inspired after completing the challenge. I found many health tips and lifestyle improvement techniques. I will try to implement it in my life too.

This will benefit people around me because they will be in the company of generally more happy person. Also, I will share my experience and hopefully, they can take a few hints and tips too!

How amazing was this challenge! I really enjoyed the daily advice. Trying to change my habits to a healthy way of life. Small changes make all the difference. Thank you Kaido

Really chuffed that I completed this challenge and definitely will continue with some things. Changing small habits and swapping for healthy foods and drinks. It has helped my mood and concentration.

This has definitely helped with my mental health! I am a little sad it is over!

I have been motivating the team which I have really enjoyed. I have reminded myself of the healthy habits that I have tried and put them in my phone so I remember to keep them up! It has been a great challenge.

I found it forced me to be more conscious of what I do and eat on a daily basis. I would like to continue doing more physical activity and watching what and how much I eat.

This has done me the world of good. I suffer with depression and anxiety and the headspace meditation has improved my way of life incredibly. Well done Kaido. You’re amazing!

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and didn’t want to start getting lazy or missing out my steps so I felt like this challenge made me continue my fitness even when I didn’t feel like doing anything. Thank you

I really enjoyed the challenge - it was motivating (with a hint of healthy competition!) and beneficial. I look forward to doing another challenge in the future.

This challenge has been a wonderful eye opener for me. It has helped with my motivation to find time to look after myself and has increased my activity with ny children which i value the utmost from this challenge and all of the positive healthy habits and tips I have learnt i can use to influence a healthier and happier family lifestyle which is invaluable so thank you for creating this challenge!

It was a bonding experience. It was good to see how supportive my team are and be involved in a team building experience that was different from work.

Taking time out of the day to de-stress and be mindful. Hopefully that translates into better performance at work and being more efficient in the home

I feel refreshed and like I have gained a better understanding of myself, more time to unwind and keep myself relaxed.

This challenge has kept me motivated and taught me new techniques. I have enjoyed doing daily reflection everyday and feel like I am more aware of myself now.

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