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Sample Kaido Report

This is a real report for a company that took part in our Healthy at Home Challenge, which we launched as part of our response to Covid-19. At the end of your Kaido Challenge you will receive a similar report and can expect to achieve similar results.

Challenge Engagement Report

Stay Healthy from Home

June 2020 - July 2020

Section 1

The Covid-19 Crisis

At the start of the challenge we asked your colleagues to share how they were coping during the Coronavirus crisis. We asked them how they were feeling and whether the situation was taking its toll on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Kaido Engagement Report
Section 1: The Covid-19 Crisis

Which of these describe your current situation?

How are you spending your free time during the crisis?

How have you been coping with the crisis?

Have you noticed any of the following?

Section 2


This section demonstrates how your employees have interacted with the Kaido Wellbeing programme and its content during the "Stay Healthy from Home" health and wellbeing challenge. It provides you with their anonymised and aggregated participation and performance data.

Kaido Engagement Report
Section 2: Engagement
310 employees
registered to take part in the Stay Healthy from Home Challenge

Milestone progress

Challenge participants undertook a virtual journey following the theme of "Stay Healthy from Home" unlocking new milestone content and prize draws as they progressed.

Minutes of physical activity completed
Minutes of meditation completed
Reflections added to employee journals
Team Boosters were completed
Teams participated

Section 3


This final section analyses the impact that the Kaido Wellbeing programme is having at your place of work. It offers important insights into the health of your employees and the effect Kaido is having on engagement, productivity, and potentially employee loyalty.

Kaido Engagement Report
Section 3: Impact


Felt calmer
Would recommend Kaido to a colleague
Felt the challenge helped them cope with the crisis better
Felt more motivated
Noticed an improvement in their health
Would take part in future challenge
Kaido Engagement Report
Section 3: Impact

How would you describe the following when you are at work?

Energy levels




Kaido Engagement Report
Section 3: Impact
Felt you do enough to support their health and wellbeing at the end of the challenge.

Participants made the following changes in their physical activity:

Participants noticed the following in their colleagues:

Improved engagement at work
Increased interaction and communication
Improved teamwork
More motivatation
Positive conversations about health and wellbeing

Section 4


"I feel proud I have finished this. I have become more aware of what I eat and also the benefits of sleeping well too. I am making sure to take more time for myself and to put me first which I think perhaps I have not been doing for a while. "
"Real sense of achievement and commitment to myself and colleagues as we did this together. All round a great and positive experience."
"The challenge was a good team building activity and kept us all motivated as a team. I will definitely continue regular exercise and even doing small movement exercises in between working at a computer."
"It feels good to have finished the challenge, and I feel closer to my team mates who I have worked with on this. I will continue with many aspects, such as the water drinking, running, mindfulness. I feel less stressed generally. "
"I feel amazing about completing the challenge. I would like to continue daily workouts, yoga, Hiit. These will give me energy, great mood and self esteem."
"I really enjoyed it. It made me really think about my healthy habits and general well being during lockdown. It also encouraged me to take time out to relax."
"Sad that the challenge is over but happy to have taken part. I need another challenge! "

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