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Physical Health Impact

Kaido will support your employees to be more active each day through small, manageable lifestyle changes that work for them.

24% lost weight

We focus on sustainable change. We don't endorse crash dieting, but instead try to teach people more about the food their bodies need, and the traps they might fall into adhering to a healthier diet. And we find that often that's enough to make a real difference.

70% increased their physical activity

Kaido gets people moving, no matter their fitness level. Whether they already work out in the gym three times a week, or consider taking the stairs part of their daily exercise, we will introduce you and your team to activities and challenges designed to keep their bodies moving.

Mental Health Impact

We will introduce your team to a wide range of techniques and ideas that help reduce anxiety and stress in sustainable ways.

39% noticed an improvement in mood

Mood is affected by everything. As people become more aware of how they feel, take greater care of what they eat, get better nights' sleep, and move more, they become happier and more content.

31% felt less stress

Anxiety levels have never been higher. We introduce a range of techniques to combat stress, from breathing exercises to calm the mind, to longer-term methods such as meditation and reflection.

28% slept better for longer

Sleep deprivation has a huge knock-on effect, both on a person's mental health and also their physical health. By encouraging small changes in behaviours, Kaido will help your team improve this crucial pillar of their health.

39% felt more energised

A person's energy levels have a big impact on both their own wellbeing and the mood of those around them. By helping your team feel more energised, we'll help you build a more upbeat and positive atmosphere to work in.

Productivity & Motivation

Being happier and healthier tends to translate into being more motivated and productive across all areas of life, including at work.

33% felt teamwork improved

Whilst there is a friendly element of competition within Kaido, the real focus is on supporting and encouraging your colleagues. This translates into a stronger, more connected team who work better together day-to-day.

76% felt more motivated

Small changes to our routines can have a huge impact on motivation. Kaido encourages people to take positive first steps, which foster self-belief and over time translate into increased motivation for all parts of life.

21% improved productivity

Having a team that feel less stressed, who are more energised and active, and who feel more connected to each other increases productivity and makes work enjoyable. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

New Year. New Company.

Kickstart 2022 for your business.

Drive engagement and encourage collaboration between your teams with a fun, 4 week wellbeing Challenge.


Kaido’s New Year Challenge 2022

New year, new you, new organisation. It’s time to make 2022 the best year you and your organisation has ever had.

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