Support your clients through the Coronavirus Crisis

With the Kaido Partner Programme

A turnkey health and wellbeing product free for your clients for the next 6 months.

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Businesses are struggling to keep their staff healthy and motivated during the Coronavirus crisis. Anxiety is rising and positivity is low. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your value and help your clients address these challenges head on.

Kaido is a proven product, which helps engage employees and protect their physical and mental health. It’s trusted by brands such as HSBC and KPMG, and used by the NHS for the wellbeing of doctors and nurses around the UK.

The details

  • A product designed to support companies of all sizes through the Coronavirus crisis
  • Entirely free for you and your clients with fewer than 500 employees
  • A fully turnkey, SaaS solution with no integrations or technical rollouts required
  • Your client will be fully supported by Kaido
  • A dedicated account manager
  • No Contract
  • Be paid full commission for any clients that sign up to Kaido after the crisis ends

What's in the Coronavirus Response Package?

Six elements designed to help your clients in this crisis.

Healthy at Home Wellbeing Challenge

A four week team-based wellbeing challenge that's fun and effective. Designed to help people stuck at home with their physical and mental health.

Kaido Wellness Experiments

After the challenge finishes, we'll give your clients access to a month of personal wellness experiments. Each employee can choose two areas of health to target.

An impact report

We'll provide your clients with an impact report, which helps them understand the health of their workforce and how it has been impacted by Kaido.

Include teams' families

If your clients employees have grown up children or older relatives that they'd like to use Kaido with, then for this package, we're extending the offer to them too.

Employee wellness website badge

Evidence that your clients are supporting their team with a Kaido badge for their website. Helpful in demonstrating that they take employee wellbeing seriously.

Commission on sales post-crisis

We'll offer discounted pricing to companies once they complete the package. You will recieve full commission for any clients you recommend to us.

Support your clients through this crisis

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