Getting started with Kaido - Quick and easy employee engagement wins

By Rich Westman

Team building programmes may have moved online during the pandemic, but the aims remain the same. Boosting staff morale. Creating connections between co-workers. Driving engagement and collaboration.

But what if, after all the research, organisation and investment, your staff fail to get on board? Early employee buy-in is crucial to team building success, and your efforts before the event deeply impact your end results. A targeted ‘ramp-up’ campaign can spark interest, increase participation and maintain engagement levels throughout.

The good news is that you don’t need to go it alone. The right partner will provide the tools, training and support to keep colleagues engaged and excited – so they’re ready and receptive when launch day arrives.

Your ‘big three’ engagement builders

Whether you’re rolling out a virtual team building experience or a workplace wellbeing programme, positive staff engagement relies on three key elements:

  1. Senior leadership buy-in
  2. Consistent communication
  3. Pro-active champions

Senior leadership buy-in

Your execs are your in-house influencers and a pivotal part of any team building or wellbeing programme. If your management team shows willing, the rest of your workforce is likely to follow. Get your board onside as early as possible, asking for visible support and permission to add senior-level names and faces to launch comms.

Brief managers on your initiative’s aims, benefits and day-to-day details, so they can confidently sing the programme’s praises and, most importantly, actively participate. Kaido Challenges, for instance, come with a range of ready-made documents that help bring senior leaders up to speed.

Clear reporting, results and returns also make a compelling case. Ask your supplier for testimonials, stats and case studies that highlight measurable improvements, such as uplifts in motivation, teamwork or job satisfaction.

Consistent communication

Creating interest in your team building programme requires a countdown of instantly recognisable communications, starting about four weeks from your launch date. These messages need to command your team’s attention and convince them to come along for the ride. The bigger the buzz, the higher your engagement levels.

Luckily, pre-written communications mean anyone can master internal marketing. Every Kaido Challenge comes with digital assets – including posters, videos, email templates and intranet copy – that can be customised in a few quick clicks. So your team gets a steady flow of creative teasers, helpful info and practical instructions that easily plug into all your existing comms channels.

Once you’re up and running, your Kaido account manager will check in weekly with top tips for maintaining momentum. And as your Challenge progresses, you’ll get up-to-the-minute engagement data so you can tweak your comms activity as needed.

Proactive Wellbeing Champions

Your programme will be significantly more successful with a dedicated person (or persons) to drive it. We call them Wellbeing Champions. For Kaido Challenges, we recommend at least one Wellbeing Champion per location or division to help colleagues sign up and stay the course.

Your champions are the friendly faces of your programme. They’ll be called upon to answer questions, signpost information and actively promote participation, so make sure they’re equipped for the role. For example, as part of every Kaido Challenge, we provide a 30-minute online training session that explains how the Challenge works, the benefits of joining in and a rundown of Wellbeing Champions’ responsibilities.

Champions also receive step-by-step guidance on introducing the programme, navigating the Kaido app, creating co-worker teams and bringing the Challenge to life with unique content and booster activities. Many clients make the training a group effort by inviting management, marketing and communications to take part too.

How Kaido can help

Employee engagement starts – and, possibly, ends – in the lead up to your launch, so focus on building trust and traction from the outset. Kaido takes care of each critical step – from intro comms to participation tracking and staff training – so your team building experience is simple from start to finish.

Our fun, inclusive health and wellbeing Challenges have kept teams motivated and connected across some of the world's leading brands, including Müller, Twinings Tea and the Department of Health and Social Care. We’ve also made employees happier and healthier across a wide range of SMEs.

To book a zero-obligation demo or to chat with our friendly team, get in touch on 0121 250 5795 or email

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