Getting back that family feeling – stress-free team building for remote teams

By Sarah Elliott

A year ago, when COVID-19 closed offices up and down the country, most managers panicked about drops in productivity. But who knew? People are actually pretty great at getting stuff done, even from the kitchen table with two kids to home school.

What is hurting businesses, however, is the breakdown of their teams. The head-down, high-pressure nature of homeworking through the pandemic has cut daily connections between co-workers – and left individuals feeling isolated and undervalued.

It’s no secret that engaged teams are more successful, so it’s vital to regain that family feeling (or start from scratch to build it). In the absence of office chat, shared brews and face-to-face collaboration – all those intangible perks that fuel a culture of camaraderie – it can be trickier to improve teamwork. The secret is to take a longer-term view – and look to solutions that do the legwork for you.

Plan for the long term

The reassuring news is that many businesses are in the same boat. They’ve recognised the impact of remote working on staff morale. Maybe googled ‘how to keep employees happy’ or organised a scavenger hunt or online quiz. One-offs like these do the job as quick group boosters, but to succeed with remote team building, you need to show support over a sustained period – and offer something for everyone.

Create Shared Experiences

Remote working disrupts the natural routines and rhythms between colleagues. So it’s up to you to fill the gaps. Morning check-ins, online coffee breaks and virtual socials are perfect conversation starters – but contributing to a common goal can build lasting bonds and deliver measurable results. Shared activities like Kaido’s six-week Health and Wellbeing Challenges help co-workers connect and care for themselves in an enjoyable and interactive way, guided by a simple, ready-to-roll-out app.

Fuel a little friendly competition

It’s been 12 months of the same four walls, same walks, same worries – and we’re all ready for something new. Introducing a fun focus – and a bit of friendly competition – can shake up a tired team dynamic and reset relationships, even among remote workers. Kaido Challenges, which cover everything from active movement to meditation, are brought to life with live leader boards, prizes & rewards and team based wellbeing activities All brilliant ways to reboot that valuable workplace buzz.

Give Flexibility and Choice

The trouble with traditional team building experiences is that they rarely work for the whole team. Some are too physical while others, well, just aren’t that much fun. The trick is to find the balance between raft building and blindfolded trust falls that offers meaningful benefits for everyone, whatever their work set-up, motivation or health status. We suggest a mix of energising tasks and relaxing downtime and reflection, each focusing on small, sustainable improvements, rather than big wins. So across a typical 40-day Challenge, individuals have enough time to explore new passions, strengthen team ties and make feel-good changes to the way they eat, sleep, exercise and approach their life and work. Plus, there’s something different to discover every day, so staff stay switched on throughout.

Make it easy on yourself

Above all, team building should be a positive experience – particularly for the person planning it all. Too often, events eat up hours of organisation and research, with no quantifiable return. Kaido Challenges provide everything you need from start to finish, from pre-written launch comms to team prizes and follow-up reports that track success and engagement. Anyone can run the programme (no wellbeing gurus required) and it’s ready to go within minutes via employees’ smartphones.

Learn a little more

Remote working is here to stay, so we all need to get smarter about keeping our teams in touch.

Kaido’s cost-effective Health and Wellbeing Challenges have got colleagues talking, moving and improving across businesses including the NHS, KPMG, HSBCs and 100s of happy SMEs.

Wondering how it might work for you? Take a closer look with a no-strings Product Tour or chat to our friendly team on 0121 250 5795 and

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