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Team Building & Wellbeing Articles

Our musings on team motivation and company wellbeing intertwined with case studies from happy customers.

How BabelQuest used Kaido to boost their team culture through COVID-19

Learn how HubSpot Solutions Partner BabelQuest used Kaido to boost communication and maintain their strong family culture.

Working well after lockdown - how to build a successful hybrid team

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to more flexible, remote and hybrid working. But how do you build a successful hybrid team that is in keeping with your company culture and values?

Changing the Covid-19 conversation at Enva

Learn why Enva turned to Kaido to ensure their employee wellbeing provision was inclusive, accessible and collaborative.

The tcc story - improving wellbeing, worldwide

Got employees in multiple countries? Learn how tcc used Kaido to prevent isolation, fatigue and mental ill health for their colleagues around the globe.

Fun in the workplace - The business benefits of bringing fun back to work

Helping your colleagues to feel valued doesn't require big gestures or purpose-built corporate programmes. It's the little things like having fun and bringing joy that can really make the difference.

Breaking the ice between remote teams - The Ellis Whittam Story

Following its acquisition by Marlowe PLC in October 2020, Ellis Whittam needed a way to help new teams bond. They turned to Kaido to help.

How the Department of Health and Social Care used Kaido to keep remote teams talking, moving and motivated

Learn how the Department of Health and Social Care used Kaido to drive a 75% increase in health and wellbeing related conversations across their business.

Getting back that family feeling – stress-free team building for remote teams

The move to more flexible working has been largely well received by employees, but their sense of connection and belonging has been deeply impacted. How do you keep remote teams connected and productive?

How Clive Owen powered Employee Wellbeing and Team Morale through the pandemic

Learn how Clive Owen boosted their team's morale during the pandemic, and helped 86% of their workforce improve their overall health.

Getting started with Kaido - Quick and easy employee engagement wins

Whether you're rolling out a virtual team building experience or a new workplace wellbeing programme, positive employee engagement relies on these three key elements.

How to care for employee wellbeing without a dedicated team

Worried that your business hasn't got the people or resources to support employee wellbeing? The tools you need to get started could be closer than you think.

Simple employee wellbeing wins that work onsite and online

How do businesses provide the freedom and flexibility of remote working, while supporting employees to feel connected, productive and part of the team that is often associated with in person work?

Virtual Onboarding - A new set of rules for hybrid teams

A positive onboarding experience can boost employee retention by 82%. Learn why ensuring your employees feel part of the family is key to new starter success.